About JoY Cards

JoY Cards are hand crafted and hand penned cards of gratitude, encouragement, and JoY. 


JoY Cards believes in fostering a unified community by continually thanking our senior population for all their undoubtable contributions to society with handwritten JoY Cards of encouragement and gratitude.


    Executive Director Personal Note & Her Story
    Hello! I am Carole Seavers;
    A wife of over thirty years, lover of horses, mother to four amazing men and grandmother to four beautiful grandchildren. I had recently wanted to find my way of giving back to the world in some fashion. This expressed need was fostered a few years ago when my father-in-law had to be placed in a care facility. The impact it had on me visiting him was very powerful. I saw a need. A need to reach out to not only our own family members in this situation but to those that have no one in their corner. I founded JoY Cards with the simple notion of creating as much JoY for these residents as I could in a very simple way, a hand-written note from the heart. I spent almost a year writing to a group of 26 seniors in one care facility on a regular basis. The response from the activities director was overwhelmingly positive. The residents loved receiving their cards and looked forward to the next one. It is now my passion to create this JoY while thanking and encouraging those seniors that have contributed so much to our world. 


    JoY Cards are hand crafted and hand-written. The cards themselves have been created by me and my crew of volunteers. The notes of JoY, gratitude and encouragement come from many different people. have personally written them, as well as my staff and volunteers. I have also joined with clubs at various schools whose focus is on community and service to write these wonderful card to our seniors to let them know they are loved and not forgotten.