About JoY Cards

JoY Cards are hand crafted and hand penned cards of gratitude, encouragement, and JoY. 


JoY Cards believes in fostering a unified community by continually thanking and encouraging those on our frontline, our first responders and our dedicated teachers and school staff with handwritten JoY Cards by partnering with organizations to raise money for their campaigns. 


    Executive Director Personal Note & Her Story
    Hello! I am Carole Seavers;
    A wife of over thirty years, lover of horses, mother to four amazing men and grandmother to two beautiful grandchildren.  I recently lost the company I have owned with my family for over thirty years due to the pandemic.  Looking at the bright side, this change of pace and life altering event has allowed me to focus on a dream I’ve had for quite some time now:  Offering something meaningful back to society.  I didn’t know a global pandemic would reimagine how I would execute this project, but here we are.  I founded JoY Cards with the simple notion of creating as much JoY as I could in a in a very simple way…a hand-written card.  Not a text, not an email, nothing electronic, just a simple hand-written note from the heart.  This expressed need came from the close relationships I have fostered with schools I once worked closely with.  They are all expressing the same concerns, they can’t raise money because they can’t fundraise.  And so, the DO SOMETHING GOOD FUNDRAISER WITH JoY CARDS was born. It soon became clear that not only schools but so many different organizations were having the same problem with fundraising and how to do it safely during the pandemic.  It is now my passion to not only create JoY while thanking and encouraging those that have dedicated themselves so selflessly to others during these times but to also help benefit those organizations who choose to partner with me.


    JoY Cards are hand crafted and hand-written. The cards themselves have been created by me and my crew of volunteers. The notes of JoY, gratitude and encouragement come from many different people. I have personally written them, as well as my volunteers. I have also joined with clubs at various schools whose focus is on community and service to write these wonderful cards to our dedicated heroes

    Start right here and lets spread JoY together.