Essential Worker's Testimonials:

The nice thing about getting a card of appreciation is that it encouraged me.  People don't realize how emotionally, mentally, and physically challenging being a respiratory therapist is, especially right now.  When I receive that "thank you" it makes it all worth it.
Shelley - Registered Respiratory Therapist, Indianapolis, Indiana

I was completely overwhelmed when I found out that the Wawasee Middle School volleyball and cross country teams had received sponsorships for cards of encouragement and gratitude for every firefighter on my team.  It means to world to me and them that our community is supporting us.
Chief Scott - Fire Station #2 - Syracuse, Indiana

Healthcare workers do their jobs because they love helping people.  They don't expect anything in return.  2020 has been a challenge for most healthcare workers.  We've never been through anything like this before.   Receiving a card of gratitude brought a sense of hope to my like.  Knowing the work we do is appreciated brought a smile to my face.  We are truly all in this together.
Ann - RN - Auburn, Indiana

Our Partner's Testimonials:

Working on our fundraiser with JoY Cards was an easy and satisfying experience.  They provided us with everything we needed and were always available.  It was nice to be a part of a fundraiser that gave back to our community and also united our community.
T. Beer - Wawasee Middle School